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With an understanding of your waste generation
profile we can recommend a frontlift solution to suit.

Power Waste Management’s frontlift service is suited to commercial and industrial businesses seeking a cost effective, space efficient and flexible approach to onsite waste management. With an understanding of your waste generation profile we can recommend a frontlift solution to suit.

Frontlift bins are typically used for the collection and disposal of lightweight to medium density waste. General waste, paper, cardboard, co-mingled, organics and packaging — we can provide the right bins for your business.

Our bins come in a range of sizes to
match your waste generation volume


Power Waste Management provide bins with 240 L, 660 L, 1.1, 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 cubic metre capacity.We can also customise a size to suit your setting and access.

Both steel and plastic frontlift bins are available, and if required we can customise the colour, allowing the bin to blend in with your setting. Our lightweight bin lids can be colour coded to Australian Standards, making it very easy for your staff to manage waste effectively and improve recovery rates. We also offer split lid functionality.

Power Waste Management frontlift bins are rodent, odour resistant, and watertight. They are fitted with heavy duty castors and castor brakes. The lids are lockable with a special master key security code system.

Our frontlift service is available 365 days a year
and we offer daily, weekly or monthly
collection to suit your schedule.
We are on call 24 hours a day which means we can meet any urgent and unplanned needs that may arise.
Clients who use the Power Waste Management frontlift service include hotels, shops and shopping centres, restaurants and cafes, warehouses, processing and manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools and offices.

Power Waste Management can manage the safe collection and treatment of all types of liquid waste. We pride ourselves on our one-stop service, which includes assessment and analysis, waste collection, transportation, disposal or treatment, and all documentation and reporting, which can be customised to suit your waste management requirements.

Our state-of-the-art high powered vacuum tanker fleet is operated by personnel who are experienced in the safe removal and transportation of liquefied waste.

Our tankers’ collection capacity ranges up to 14,000 litres. Small turning circles and lower heights on some vehicles mean we can reach sites that others might find difficult to access. All tankers feature full load cell capabilities and spill kits, as well as GPS trackers for added security and on-board biodegradable deodorised wash water.

Power Waste Management can accommodate routine daily, weekly and monthly liquid waste collections, 365 days a year. We can also manage urgent jobs that require immediate attention, and are on call 24 hours a day.

We work with clients in hospitality, fuel and gas, construction and property management, as well as councils and governments. We assist them in effectively managing their grease trap waste, organic liquid waste and food sludge.

Our work is undertaken in line with health and safety guidelines and environmental regulations. Power Waste is a licensed Sydney Water contractor.
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At Power Waste Management, our team’s passion for recycling spans more than 25 years. With a long history of breaking new ground, and in the past having developed new initiatives in timber, plaster, gypsum and food waste recycling, including the use of timber and sawdust as alternative fuels, our people certainly have the future of the planet in mind.

We continue to innovate in the recycling space. It’s part of our DNA. With a firm focus on helping our clients to meet their environmental KPIs, and a desire to save them time and money, we always have new recycling initiatives on the drawing board.

We also look for opportunities, big and small, every day in our clients’ businesses to make a difference. We analyse their waste stream and plan to help them to reduce waste costs, whilst ensuring their business remains environmentally responsible and complies with all relevant government waste minimisation targets. Staff training, colour coding systems — we do this too.

For advice on recycling and a fresh new approach to meeting your targets, contact Power Waste Management.
Power Waste Management look forward to the future with further introductions of new concepts and recycling initiatives. We pride ourselves on setting a better example for others to follow, saving our customers time and money. All whilst delivering an exceptional level of service.

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